Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stick IT

Stick it in and Shake it

Pray with me
in the bathtub and then
Lie on
me. What is
that weight?
When I’m in
Japan, I’m from
Alaska; When I’m
in Alaska,
I’m from Japan.
I’m surprised that you are
Happy to see me.
I’m also surprised
by ice.
Ow. It hurts
a lot.
Call Sholls. It is now 1920,
so my home
Has moved
And there are animals, who
You know,
Are closer to god. Look in
RB’s eyes. He is
Closer to god.
I’m so into food.
So into it.

1 comment:

Lacey Hunter said...

It's official, we need to make writing nights happen more!

I want a chapbook from you NOW!!