Friday, July 16, 2010

Roberta 1

I’m looking for Roberta.
I thought I saw her in Iraq, but it may have been
in a pit of fire
I’m the guy who spent 20 years looking for Roberta.
Currently, I’m not able to walk and my
wife said she was unaware of the problem until
she got a postcard from

I have a well documented relationship with
Roberta--YES, we rode bikes together.
I payed a lot of taxes so I could learn
that the worst place to die is
Do you think you’ll
be able to love
the baby?
I named him Roberta...for Roberta.

I dreamt Roberta and I were watching TV
on the wall of a nearby building. We had sexual
problems. I bribed the Waxman and he
showed me this stock photo of
two men cooking hot dogs: togetherness.
He called it “Sassy Stock.”

Roberta’s favorite things are trash mounds,
community, rebel groups, sheep, pizza places
with casual atmospheres, ultimate personality
surveys, burn pits, bar drinks, and deep sadness.

Sometimes Roberta asks me “what windows are
open on your computer screen?” or another
favorite is “do you
have any piercings?” I can’t sing well
and boys don’t like me.

News flash: Roberta is dead.
She was doing some illegal logging
and was thinking a lot about poetics and her
personal style. It just got to be too much.
Roberta=sad times, but sometimes + happy times
for me. Roberta convinced me to get a Diddy Kong
tattoo and I’m glad of it.