Wednesday, December 17, 2008

shark meat

Shark Meat

A meat sample is taken and
Biblio-fucked. The Christmas hamper
Is a winning season. It is a favorite.
It was always part of the plan to
catch the shark. Children are talking about
it in school, and are scheduled to
release the shark on Monday, says shark.
I rescued you, Sammy, and look who’s
Coming now. Everyone. I witnessed
A fire and it has not changed how I
Feel about you. I don’t even see the
Difference between us.
This doesn’t evoke ruins, does it?
I would visit, just to see you, Sammy,
But I tell people you should be released.
Don’t leave now. Your hair just got good.
And you look older than you actually are.
When we are friends it’s like I have
Never been friends with anyone else.
Together we witnessed the virgin birth
Of a shark. There were 38 real crocodiles
In the water. I love to see them, but I think
They should be the same as birds—eaten.
Ralph, the whale shark, has died. Let us
never click that one. We are all missionaries here.
It’s the truth, and he’s from New York.
Give me the credit.
This fire burned sister fire, and
It’s called the law of time. It’s not
The end of the world, it’s just the end
Of time. The world bombs up.
Remember the time we dated all
Of those Christian singles?

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