Wednesday, December 17, 2008


*Dear step cousin,
I am having a(n) anusy sparkle time at camp. The counselour is irritating and the food is porteguese. I met maggie and we became diafonous friends. Unfortunately, maggie is queasy and I up-chucked my kidney so we couldn`t go tainting like everybody else. I need more taint boobies and a sweat sharpener, so please dankly prostitute more when you sexed back.
Your greatX3 g-ma,

*This is an madlib the gang (Kasey, Lacey, Alex, Jess) and I put together a while ago.

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phaneronoemikon said...

holy velour cattle monocle!

taint boobies and a sweat sharpener
gets you a pleaty with the greek soldier extruder!