Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Hot Bean-dip Dildo

Did you really arrest that 4-year-old?
Oh, you. We have built a tiny model
of the election and their
Small plastic, curved hands say hello,
or goodbye. She is young
And unsure in a bright red dress
and all her features are rounded
Together. And they stand on her
hands. Chimala peers out of the
Water. Her small ears set back and
her small eyes just on the
Water’s surface. The way her face I
s made looks like a smile,
But that is only how it looks. Her reflection
is such that it appears another
Hippo is balancing on her ears. She is a gifted
designer and has created a
Beautiful floral tribute with orange and white and pink.

The woman in the suitcase is older, but small enough to fit.
She was
Not picked for her looks. A tiger runs
by her face to say there is no
More cholera anymore.
You can get it up.
The garbage collectors ride in
Horse drawn carriages and all the
horses wear hats. You cannot hide from
The Russian Patriarch, so, for three days,
you must wait in line with all the others to view
The body. He hates the church he loves the church.
We must make decisions. Let us confirm with
The blue day book so we may see a walking bear
Who tells me how to feel well.

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