Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Oh, Jesus!

Oh, Jesus!
In 1380 Darla said: “the Mexicans ate
All the vegetables!” My god the things you
Don’t know, my god.

Oh, Jesus!
Oh, Oliver, my fatty!
Television says: “does you love
A fatty?” Don’t let an old man
Cry in your vagina.

I can hear the squirrels in the
Attic, making a new family.
I came back and there were
Five raccoons trying to get
In the kitchen to fuck with
With my sandwiches.

I have made a living out of
Stacking chairs and blowing
Rats in the basement.
I don’t think anything
could kill you.

Oh, Dr. Beetroot!
We shall kill an entire
Nation with garlic.
Everyone in my family
Has already died from

Oh, Jesus!
When will the epidemic
Be over? When will cable
Be free for everyone?
Party in the bleachers.

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