Monday, January 26, 2009

God Bless Your Family, or Whatever Happens to Us.

Look at the hole in
the ceiling I think
it will spread and
burst and all the
water will leak.

He has the disease of
long fingers, and long
bones, and they call him
Dr. Fun. I've already
seen him. away.
I asked him to
compare and come

Don't do that. it looks like you're picking your nose.
are you a comic poet? what it means is that you
didn't understand, so you decided it was
funny. uncomfortable is what.

Each time it's better and better and better and better
and better
and better
and better
and better
and better
and better
and better
and better
and better
and better
and better
and better
and better
and better
i'm not done
and better
and better
and better
and better
and better.

Is she good because
of her tests?
is it weird how you
can't write down music.
I hate you.

"What did you set out to do,
young friend?"

"I set out to do something, anything.
it was so easy to destroy."

"And where do you take all of
your inspiration from?"

"I have all these dreams, but I'm
actually awake. In these dreams
I go on working, but I am haunted
by days."

"And how many times have you
been to this city?"

"I have
always lived here. I find myself
You cannot escape a dream."

"What are your plans for the

"Drink as much Mr. Pibb, or Dr.
Skipper in the Mid West, as possible.
Never read.
Never stop.
Never sleep.
Never say hello.
Never eat an animal.
I will continue to do this."

"What has your diet been like?"

"Haunting. Absolutely haunting.
taking a vacation in the fall, and
I hope to have made some decisions.
Boys are haunting, and scary,
but they are ALWAYS in my dreams.
How kind they are. to me. Dreams
are truly haunting."

"I'd like you to think back
to 1937."

"I remember...I see...what do you remember?"

"What do you remember?


"What had you been doing?"

"I...was...riding in a train. And...I saw
in the distance. But, what kind of train was it...
You the distance...or maybe in the water.
I know now..."

"Know what?"

"That I've seen you."

"Seen who?"

"Seen nothing, really.
Some things you read while listening to
music, and then when you read it
without the music it isn't as good.
Shit is in my art."

"Where have you been?"

"You seem tired. This
escape may never come.
We should listen to some

"Where did you go?"

"Oh, windows. I went there.
Winter, too. 'Lots of winter.
I tried to punch a window.
I hear cat coughing...all the
fucking time."

"Did you go?"

"Did you go? I'm trying
to remember when I was
16. I can't remember the
size of my thighs. I get so
alone. Quickly. This song is
so beautiful!"

"Do you have feelings about this?"

"Is she better than us? Why is she?
Why do they like her? So many of us
are so much better. We don't have to pretend
about anything.
We don't have to expose the inner
workings of our lives.
We don't have to talk
about our sex times
or our interesting
You are the worst kind!
I don't understand anything!
I understand less and less

"Everything is different."

"Fuck that.
People like me
best friends.
We are different, but we are...
better. I have a sudden
and powerful headache.
In this light, anything
can be."

"Now, it is time for me to leave."

"I'll just leave you
here like this. You look
asleep. You are.
Rhythm or not.
God bless you; you
are scared.
God bless you;
you have sugar all
over your small face.
God bless you;
I am so sorry.
God bless you;
you are floating
on the lake.
God Bless
your family, or whatever
happens to us."


Mo said...



you are definitely making a chapbook, young lady.

Michael said...

Yep--at this point you're just rubbing it in...this is really, really good...

jess rowan said...

holy fuck you.

this is crazy good.

and a little bit it feels like a serial killer could have written it. i'm glad you sleep in the room next to mine.

seriously, though.

Jennifer said...


My box of veggie burgers in the freezer doesn't actually contain veggie burgers. You should take a look.


P.S. It's fingers. Fingers. in the box. friend.

Lacey Hunter said...


I officially worship!!

And if you don't make a fucking chapbook it will be your fingers in the veggie box MMK!!!

K. Silem Mohammad said...

I'm speechless.

Thank god I can still type.

This is really remarkable.

Issa said...

two words: salad fingers -- youtube

indolent mendicant said...

Niffer, you rock. Damn, I envy your fluidity. This is so great.

Genevieve said...

I have been meaning to tell you for so long how much i love this. This is one of the best things I have ever read.