Friday, April 3, 2009

WR 441

hello all.

This isn't really an's just a semi-new poem. Cool.

"the difference between human and animal language"

When he hears the leopard's call
When he hears the eagle's cry
I use 500 words, naturally, to
tell a very poignant story about
my own bedroom and cold snacks
When I saw the visitor, I said
please. help. out. The basic machinery
requires only that you know the rules.

I developed an association between
magnets and language. Sara wash apple.
I couldn't tell you the subject, I have
no grammatical competence, but I
can manipulate. The little plastic
words taught me how to enter other
peoples' heads. We have developed a
spoken language.

We have found evidence in fossils
of what we sounded like. The
evolution of speech is the key to
the best pizza and drugs.
I am more human because
I am a modern human
and have a round tongue.
My teeth are crowded and I
could die. My larynx makes
me more likely to choke
and die.


greta said...

I love this, and not just because I'm taking Nash's class this quarter! Also, I had a thing for refrigerator magnets. It was fun when too many went missing. The image of them found in a back corner covered with dust when the old refrigerator was retired. That used to happen with the dimestore turtles when I was young.

Lilly said...

I really like the last (here comes a pretentious word) stanza. Like- A lot. And I thought I read this as a found poem, and I thought it was really cool and weird as a found poem. I think its cooler as an original work.