Sunday, February 22, 2009


I like all the bears, but what do
I deserve? I want to make you so
fucking mad that you hate me.
Really hate me. Did your mom
die? Basically, I just ask a series
of questions...that's how it goes.

I had dreams where you
were fun. You had a lot of
hair on your back, and I
got grossed out. I'm STILL
grossed out. Do you like my
tank top? Stop that!
Cats have claws!

Funny doesn't matter
interesting doesn't matter
caring doesn't matter
doing things doesn't matter
asking does not matter.
I thought "I will escape
to a coal mine to forget you."
It all sort of feels the same,
though. It doesn't matter
where you go.

I'm still not like that, now.
I look at a picture to tell
me. Then I feel based on
whatever it tells me. I will
describe an image, and then
you can tell me how it feels.
Men wearing hardhats in the
rain are walking through a
crowd in Asia. Now, tell me
you don't feel that!

Everywhere I go there is
a huge black cross on a neon
pink board. It's like the orbs
from the sun. That sounds so stupid!
Why don't they just say what
it is? I don't believe in serial killers,
and I don't believe in drugs, and I
don't believe in whistling. That
is not parallel.

I skip out all the time to
prostitute myself. It's chill,
babies. That girl was wearing
a weird fish. She isn't interesting.
She isn't very funny. Her face is, like,
all lopsided.

The good news--I know you were
worried--is that there is so much
to write about! And the banks of
Switzerland have set up a fund
to take care of you.

There was, however, a small fire
in space. We got it. The basket maker
made a yellow line in my memory,
and made me a video tape of our
first love making. Oh, protect me
like you do! I guess...uhhh. a soft

Let's never come back!
Let's forget all the terrible
things they did, as long as it's slow
and demeaning and so
drawn out, I can handle anything.
Remember the dog we saw?
Well, I put him in a movie.
He's the goddamn star.

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